Why is Shoemaker & Dart, P.S., Inc. So Popular? Discover Why in the Client Reviews!

“Thank you for helping me through the bankruptcy process to start to get my life in order. This has been a difficult year. Thank you so much for how generous you are with your time and thoughtfulness.” – H.G.

“Thanks for handling my case and helping me to get out of the heavy burden of debt.” – V.G.

“Thank you for helping us throughout the process.” – J.O.

“Thanks again for how quickly your office was able to proceed with this matter. Very much appreciated.” – M.K.

“Your compassion and non-condemning attitude was a blessing to me.” – B.S.

“Thank you for all your work on my behalf. It was a pleasure working with you and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone desirous of bankruptcy assistance.” – C.T.

“Thank you for all your help and handholding through my bankruptcy process. I appreciate your professionalism very much. It’s good to be able to breathe again financially and have a new fresh start. Thank you so much for all that you do for me and your other clients.” – J.B.

“I appreciate the way that you explained things to me in a way that I could understand. I will recommend you to others if that time arises. Thanks again for everything.” – P.C.

“Thank you so much for helping us through a difficult time. It’s nice to have an attorney you trust.” – B.T.

“You’ve been a stress-free attorney to work with and I certainly appreciate that. You also had empathy coupled with professionalism. Many people need your unique brand of service!” – J.A.

“Good job you did for me and a good attorney you are. Thank you.” – G.K.

“Thanks for all your work. You took care of me and I will recommend you to others. You were a blessing to me. Thank you for all your services.” – C.O.

“I appreciate your help and expertise in getting me through all of this, financially and emotionally. You have been great.” – M.D.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate ALL your help and support during and after my bankruptcy filing and discharge. I am grateful to you for your attention and time. Thanks for helping me get a new start.” – D.J.

“You made us feel comfortable and secure knowing you were taking care of us. I would highly recommend you to anyone, knowing you would do a professional job and look out for your clients’ interests.” – E.S.

“Your diligence and professionalism with my case was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your services.” – G.D.

‘Thank you for the new ‘start over’ you have given me. I know it was a long and messy case, but without you and your expertise and kindness, I wouldn’t have had the chance of recovery in any way.” – K.N.

“You will never know how thankful I am to you for everything! What a crazy rollercoaster ride and you made it so much easier. Thank you!” – G.P.

“Thank you for all your hard work and success for my bankruptcy case. You were very kind, and I appreciate everything you did.” – K. N.

“Thank you for all your sage guidance.” – G. P.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for me and would have been far worse without your help and advice. Your office has been extremely kind and accommodating and I cannot express how much I appreciate that.” – T.W.

“It would have been impossible for me to have been able to do all of this. Thank you again for everything. You did a wonderful job.” – K.N.

“If it wasn’t for you, I would have lost my home. No one else would listen.” – D.H.

“Having a professional resource is priceless!” – D.A.

“A special thank you for the work you did throughout the Chapter 13 process and for the successful closing of our case. Your guidance and advice have been very much appreciated.” – G.W.